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I'm Nich, a 24-year-old currently living and working in Bangkok. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in the Middle East - first in beautiful Oman, then later Bahrain - before heading to California to pursue my undergraduate degree. In the Spring of 2016, I graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Molecular & Cell Biology and Psychology. I then spent a year working as a technical recruiter for a startup in San Francisco.

I created this portfolio/blog hybrid in an effort to document my personal development, professional ventures, hobbies and artistic interests. After years of on-and-off journaling, I have found that writing is an excellent way for me to organize thoughts and reflect on experiences. Throughout my time in vastly different climates and cultures, I have developed a diverse array of interests.With this space, I will try to log them and share my my learnings - in everything ranging from a career in tech, personal investing, spontaneous travel, and record collecting, to blockchain technology and computer programming - hopefully some of these reflections will start a conversation or at least help others along the way.

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